Welcome to Gallery Gerard!

We have a lot of big plans for 2014! We will be attending several conventions, painting a lot of new paintings, selling new prints and sketchbooks this year and working on new illustration series. We also plan on delivering some exciting new demos. In order to help share all these things with everyone we've launched this site!


What’s happening here now?

A brand new blog!  Which you have already seen.  But on this blog we will be sharing the aforementioned paintings and works-in-progress several times a week, with our “On the Easel” section.  It's a unique insight into what is going on in the studio here. Because hey, we’re giving up on privacy. And also because we like sharing what we’re working on!  

What’s to come?

A brand new store!  We will be launching this in the coming weeks, and we will be offering original artwork, sketchbooks and prints. 

Education!  In the coming months Annie and I will be doing live and online demos. You can see what’s happening and when in the “Events” section. There is even talk of mentorships. Stay tuned.

Contests!  We will be holding drawings for drawings, as well as some other soon-to-be-named mystery give-aways.

How to follow us? 

We have gotten with the times and will be Twittering and Facebooking like real, grown-up professionals. 

Does this make you happy? Angry? Strangely hungry?  Tell us about it in the Contact section!  We want to hear about it!