The Gryphon Hunters

Here is the final, high-res scan of The Gryphon Hunters.

That's right, I said scan. We couldn't get the 4 x 6 foot painting photographed at our local studio, so we literally scanned it in, piece by piece, with our Epson flatbed. 30 scans later, I present to you:


The Gryphon Hunters


Private Commision

4' x 6'

Oil over Acrylic on Canvas 

While the scanning takes a great deal longer, especially at this size, it does at least capture the detail of the brushwork and canvas texture amazingly well.


Annie and I both have our next large-format oil paintings thumbnailed out and ready to go.  We are just waiting for our shipment of new canvas roll to arrive before starting.  We will be sharing our progress on those soon.  Stay tuned...

To see the work in progress shots of The Gryphon Hunters visit the portfolio page at: