Imagine FX Workshop: Keto

Another image in my Daughters of Oceanus series has been completed for the August issue of ImagineFX magazine.  She appears in the FXPosé Traditional art workshop section of the magazine.

"Keto"  16x20  Oil on mounted paper  May 2014



Oil on mounted paper

May 2014

In the workshop I will be demonstrating techniques that I have used when studying the portrait artists from the Rococo period.  I depict a portrait of one of the daughters of Oceanus, Keto, from greek mythology. She is a Naiad Nymph who's name means "sea monster" in ancient Greek. For this portrait I wanted to stay true to the classical portraits of the 18th century while adding a fantastic element, the baby sea dragon, as a twist. 

You will learn how I create a fantasy portrait using these methods in one of my favorite mediums. While I will be working in traditional oils for this painting, keep in mind that many of the principles I will be showing here can also be applied to other mediums as well.  Issues can be ordered here!

Issues can be ordered here!