3D Total's Masters of Sketching

Hey guys! I wanted to share some images from "Masters of Sketching" by 3DTotal. The book is available for preorder. The book is 272 pages long and includes tutorials from myself along with some pretty amazing artists! All preorders come with a free sketching bundle. The book will be available on December 5th <.  arti. dfgdfgdfgdfgd. werwerwerwerwerwerwerwerwrwerwersdfsdfsdfsdfsfdsfsfdsfdsfsfssdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsfsf. 

Featured Artists Include:

Patrick Ballesteros, Paride Bertolin, Mike Corriero, Tom Fox, Eliza Ivanova
Zoe Keller, Kikyz1313, Abigail Larson, Sean Layh, Larry MacDougall, Jeremy Mann, Christina Mrozik, Jim Pavelec, Bobby Rebholz, Kirill Semenov, Annie Stegg Gerard, Ania Tomicka, Eduardo Vieira, Colie Wertz, and Sam Wolfe Connelly