DragonCon 2016 Wrap up

We are home from DragonCon! It was my 7th year attending this event, and Justin's 4th. We had such an amazing time at the show this year.  Thank you so much to those of you who came to see us this past weekend.  I can't believe it will be a whole year before I see some of you again!  

This year's show had some of the most memorable moments of any convention we have ever attended. We even got to play a small part in a marriage proposal in front of our booth.

As with every art show we attend, we come home with fresh inspiration and ideas for new projects.  I have found that being surrounded by so many artists and beautiful paintings is very nurturing to the creative process. Justin was able to thumbnail out a project we are thinking of starting next year while working the booth (I'm super excited for this one). 


Another highlight this year is that "Moonlight Parade" won Best in Show.  I am so honored to have one of my favorite pieces recognized.  A special thank you to the jurors Daren Bader, Stephan Martiniere, and Scott Fischer, whom are all artists I look up to greatly.  

Its always a little sad when a show comes to a close.  As artists and introverts, we tend to stay at home most of the time.  We paint all year,  and at art shows like this, we are finally able to reveal our endeavors to the world.  It is both terrifying and wonderful.  I feel like I can't say it enough, but thank you again for your support over the years.  It is still amazing to me that we are lucky enough to be able to have a job that we truly love.