The Five Sisters

16x20 oil on canvas

16x20 oil on canvas

Yet often, in the evening hours, the five sisters would twine their arms round each other, and rise to the surface, in a row. They had more beautiful voices than any human being could have; and before the approach of a storm, and when they expected a ship would be lost, they swam before the vessel, and sang sweetly of the delights to be found in the depths of the sea, and begging the sailors not to fear if they sank to the bottom. 

-Hans Christian Andersen, "The Little Mermaid"


A little preliminary sketch of one of my favorite characters in literature. If you guessed Captain Hook from yesterday's post, you got it right!

Sketchbook 2016

Some working images for my 2016 sketchbook.  Unlike previous years, this book will showcase the completed process from sketch to underpainting to completed work, along with at least one tutorial on techniques in glazing.